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Things You Weren't Taught in School

By BeerBiceps • 02 July 2021
  • Self-Growth

Let’s face it, everyone wants to be popular in school/college.


Being popular has its perks like, you are never lonely, there will always be someone to help you out with problems. Popular kids also often have higher confidence which helps them sail through all hurdles in the way. Often when opportunities pop up, you’ll be everyone's preference.


Following is the list of hacks by BeerBiceps and Niharika NM on how to become more popular in school and college!


1. Be nice:


Be nice


People often underestimate the power of being nice. The nicer you are, the more people gravitate towards you. You would seem more accessible and approachable. Everyone is insecure about themselves and afraid of how the other person will perceive them. When you have a smile on your face, people would want to overcome their insecurity and would get drawn to you.


2. Network:


Friends Talking With Each Other


One way to put your identity out there is by being the focal point of all conversations. All you have to do is go up to people and introduce yourself. If you are terrified of approaching someone, remember that the other person is terrified too. Be the more courageous person and break the ice. This will not only help you build a bigger friend circle but also in becoming popular. If you encounter that ONE kid in college who is unnecessarily unfriendly, Niharika NM says, they don’t deserve you boo, you do you! Slay! Kween! Beyoncé!


Don’t force introductions on rude people.


3. Smell nice:


Be conscious of how your body and your breath smells. You don’t want to put the person you are talking to in an uncomfortable situation. A good perfume or deodorant can set your outer tone right. When you enter a conversation, people should smell your freshness. To find the right deodorant for yourself click here.


perfumes, smell nice


4. Don’t pick fights:


Don't pick fights


Don’t be that kid who keeps picking fights with the teachers. Play safe and stay in the grey area. Find the balance. People who pick up unnecessary fights and arguments are super annoying.


5. Don’t be a suck-up:


Rebellious nature to some extent is still okay, but being a goody-two-shoes who is constantly sucking up to the professors is worse. Don’t be that kid who attends lectures on mass bunks for your own sake. Just find a balanced vibe with the teachers. 


6. Don’t be stingy:


Being stingy straight up ruins friendships. Ranveer has some golden rules regarding this:


man holding wallet with money


  • Don’t eat meals you can’t afford to pay.

  • Do not skip splitting the bill.

  • Payback what you borrow.

7. Stand up for what is right:


If you are popular, you got to use the popularity to stand up for what is right. You got to stand up for a person if they need you to be there for them. Express your opinion if you think something is ethically or morally incorrect.


8. Participate:


Don’t be obsessed with the committees and college fests but be a part of it. If not committees, attend parties, but kids, don’t do drugs!


Group Of People Having Party


Be a part of something bigger than yourself. But, don’t be that annoying kid forcing the rest of the college to be a part of that committee. Don’t participate if you are doing it only for the CV, do it for the experience. Not everything needs an ulterior motive.


9. Don’t judge people based on their choices:


You might come across drinkers, smokers, and stoners in college. Don’t be that person who judges people for their life choices. On the other hand, do not give in to peer pressure! Be your own person.


If you don’t want to be part of a particular group for the kind of habits/ethics they have, it is 2021. Find your own group where you feel comfortable. As previously said, do not give in to peer pressure. Always be yourself and be your own superhero an rest assured, you'll have a great school/college life! :)

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