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By Ishita Vaisishth • 21 July 2021
  • Self-Growth

One of the most important factors for an individual is self-growth.


Self-Growth helps you become the best version of yourself. Always remember you are your biggest commitment and hence it becomes really crucial to focus on oneself. There is motivation all around you – all you need to do is to be able to find and catch hold of it.


There are many specialists who do provide us with a tip as to how self-growth can be attained by following a few simple steps. We would be listing down some of the most popular life-changing self-growth speeches.


Some of the speeches that can help you change your life are as below,


Steve Jobs (Never-Settle):


Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs, as we all know, was the Co-founder and the brain behind Tech Giant – Apple. He did however, have a life full of many ups and downs. In this talk that he presents to the younger generation during their convocation, he focuses on never settling and always aiming for the best.


One of the most important factors that comes into play is to not settle for anything. Because once you do, things become boring and stagnant. Steve Jobs also emphasises on the point that ‘it is your life, your choice. You should be able to do whatever you want with it’


Watch here-


Stephen Colbert:


Stephen Colbert


Stephen is a very famous comedian in the States and in this speech that he gives at the North-western University, he stresses on the fact that ‘Never plan your life’ too much. Sometimes, we humans spend most of our days, months and energy on planning things. Planning for a trip, planning the next move, planning a birthday, planning to shift, etc., that we sometimes forget about what really is in front of us.


Stephen during his speech stresses on the point that the happiest and successful people are those, not the ones who have a plan in place but those who can weather the storms (whichever kind they are).


Watch here - 


Barack Obama:


Barack Obama


Barack Obama is a global figure and is known for taking decisions that are off-beat and going places where no one has been.


In 2004, Mr Obama gave a speech at the Convention and continuously emphasised on beating the odds and becoming the best version of yourself. He focuses on always being passionate about everything in life whether it is your work or your family – all this will eventually lead to you becoming the best version of your own self and achieving heights too.


Watch here -


Self-growth is a great way to be your own version and always achieve the best results possible. Self-growth can be achieved by following some simple steps and following those who have benefitted it. Nothing is constant but it's up to us how this change in our lives affects us. 


With the internet now controlling most of our lives, it has been extremely easy to listen to talks, speeches, examples from great leaders. Hearing from these famous personalities and gaining an insight from their success really motivates oneself to do the same. For example, one may just go on YouTube and listen to the speech Steve Jobs gave in the year 2000.


Therefore, it becomes extremely crucial and necessary to be open to learning, listen and most importantly work on your own self. 

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