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How To Become Smarter

By BigBrainco • 26 April 2021
  • Self-Growth

You must have seen tons of videos on body exercises till now.


Upper body, lower body, or even stomach related. But you often tend to forget the most important part of your body, your Brain. Don't you think your brain needs some exercise too?



Do you look at some of your friends or colleagues and feel that they sound really smart or they have tons of knowledge about a certain topic or why does their personality stand out? Well, the answer to your question is in this blog.


Here are 5 things that we think, you should do to get smarter.


1. Twitter = Créme de la créme:



Smart people read lots of books. They're 'smart' because they've retained lessons from those books. 'Smart' people apply the most important of these lessons to situations in their life. After they've turned these lessons into their own wisdom, many of them share it on blogs or on Twitter.


If you still believe Twitter is a negative, news-centric political platform, you are missing out on the CREAM of the CREAM when it comes to world-wisdom. Your Twitter feed is a reflection of your own internal thoughts, beliefs & goals.


If you hate Twitter, try this:

  • Reopen it.

  • Unfollow any account that spreads negativity or useless information.

  • Follow thought leaders who use Twitter as a platform for their own content.

  • Witness your own thoughts changing over time.

  • You'll be surprised at the amount of information that's currently available for free.

Much better use of your time than any other social media platform.


2. Break down your own work:



The easiest brain exercise that you can give yourself : Polishing your craft.


The bitter truth about the world is that you are respected only as much as your work gains respect. If you're an entrepreneur, you're judged for your numbers. When you're a corporate employee, you're judged for your reliability and execution. And if you're a freelancer, you're judged for your speed & finesse.


ALL of these factors can be improved when you constantly analyze your own past. This works even better when you do it with someone who works with you. Ideally, someone who is more experienced than you. And more ideally, if they've done your job before you.


The Regular analysis will ALWAYS result in a better end product. You'll get better at your job. AND you will be able to highlight your own shortcomings. 'Smarts' are a sum total of all your capabilities boxed together. This kind of 'analysis' exercise, helps you improve those capabilities.


Your capabilities have an effect on both your professional reputation and the version of you outside the office.


For example, if you learn that you need to be more organized professionally, it will have a positive effect on how neat you keep your home. If you learn that you need to reinvent your strategies, it will make you re-evaluate your mindset. It may make you more humble.


Take these exercises seriously. Your job is a great medium to become better at life.


3. Take up a new skill every year or two:



There are 2 major outcomes of learning something new:

  • You add a layer of depth to your personality. Any skill also requires you to learn about the world that the skill belongs to. For example, weight training will also teach you about diets, biomechanics, and anatomy. 

  • You will meet new, MOTIVATED individuals. If an adult has voluntarily opted for the same skilling up a class that you have, it shows that they have a desire for self-improvement. This attitude will rub off on you. And you'll get to meet new, interesting people. Hell, it could also lead to romance if the timing is right.

Whether it's a professional or personal skill we're talking about, the process of accepting a new challenge in life strengthens one very crucial factor in your mentality -

The hunger to learn. The more you learn, the more you grow. And growth is the most addictive high in the world.

Grow at the skill, grow within the realms of your mind. Also, the larger your skillset, the larger your professional opportunities.


4. Everyone is a Guru:


"I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn't learn something from him." Galileo Galilei


Have the guts to ask deep questions. Have the ability to ask the correct questions. Everyone has certain conversation topics they love speaking about. They are the same topics that these individuals dedicate their consciousness towards. These are the topics they think of the most.


Deep, persistent thought often leads to deep understanding.



Spot the moments where:

  • Their eyes light upon hearing you bring up a certain topic.

  • They add a piece of valuable information when a particular topic is being discussed.

Once you have figured THEIR topic of interest, learn something about that topic from them.


You know how before exams, you had friends who easily explained concepts to you? Life works in the same way. When you learn certain things from individuals who are passionate about those certain things, those lessons stick with you for life.


Conversation can be your greatest if you learn the art of questioning.


5. Podcasts:



And if you're too lazy to polish your communication skills to that degree, take a deep dive into the world of podcasts.


There's a podcast for EVERY NICHE topic that exists. Podcasts give you the experience of sharing the room with the podcasters. You feel like you're with them. As they quench their thirst for knowledge, you will also quench yours through them.


Test new podcasts till you find 2-3 of your 'go-to shows’. And if you just wish to get smart in general, follow India's Smartest Podcast - The Ranveer Show on YouTube, Spotify & Apple.


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