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Building Relationships at Workplace

By Parul Priya • 20 July 2021
  • Self-Growth

We are often forced to live in disbelief that professional contacts do not last forever. What matters is personal contact.


Well, I have never heard anything more wrong. The one thing common about all the successful people is that they believe in building strong networks. And since we are living in a world that is dependent on each other, you never know at what point you might require someone else's help. Therefore, it is very important for you to build good professional relationships in order to grow in the longer run.


Here are 5 ways to help you build great professional relationships,


1) Work on your Communication Skills:


Communication Skills

Firstly, the secret to any good relationship is communication. And this doesn’t change for the workplace either. Proper communication with your seniors and juniors can help remain you at your professional best. So listen to what the other person is talking, ask questions, and be patient. Don’t just focus on speaking, focus on listening as well. A good communicator is always the one who slows down to listen to others. So listen, think of the proper answer for a second, and then respond. Don’t just react without thinking. Once you do get the hang of this skill, it will take you miles.


2) Respect Others:



The golden rule that holds up here is to “ Treat people the way you want to be treated”. If there is anything that can hold up to the level of communication it is respect. No one wants to feel disrespected, neither do you. Hence it is the basic rule for any good relationship, be it personal or professional. Be nice to people, show some courtesy. Be on your positive side and don't use any unacceptable language. Show the person that they are valued. Respect their presence and their time. And most importantly respect the position that they are at. Be it a superior or your teammates, they all put in efforts to be where they are. And so, they should all be treated with equal respect.


3) Celebrate Others:



If there is one thing that is utterly simple and yet difficult for most, it is appreciation. We often forget to cherish the success of others. To be happy in the happiness and growth of others is the best success mantra anyone can ever give you. A relationship is about being together in good and bad times. So remember that the success of others doesn’t necessarily mean your loss. Be happy for them. This will help in developing a better connection with them.


4) Be Empathetic:



At work, we are all bound to have a few setbacks and few successes. This doesn’t mean that we keep our heads high and not help the ones around us. Be it your junior or senior, show some care and empathy. Understand where the other party is coming from. This will help greatly to build a strong relationship. Being empathetic is a skill you learn with experience. But it is a skill that will take you a long way. So don’t skip on it.


5) Learn to Accept Feedback:



Lastly, there is a difference between criticism and good criticism. Don’t let your pride blind you from seeing your chance to grow. We all have some drawbacks, some setbacks. And a true winner is the one who learns from his/her mistake. And learning begins from accepting. Accept the feedback given by others. And then through that feedback analyze how you can become better. Sometimes this feedback can be the stepping stone in your success.


So, these were the 5 tips which we believe will be of great help to build strong professional relationships. Be it personal or professional relationships, all you need is some effort. And finally, don’t forget to add on that smile and a vibe of positivity. You will have relationships to cherish forever. 


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