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Top YouTubers and Their Life Advice

By BeerBiceps • 02 July 2021
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With BeerBiceps hitting constant remarkable milestones with a million, Ranveer asked our favorite YouTubers for some life advice. 


These seasoned creators have been through a lot and their advice will surely motivate you to achieve something great in life! So, let’s dive right into it!


Mumbiker Nikhil:


Mumbiker Nikhil


When asked about one piece of life advice from Mumbiker Nikhil for the youth, we also found out about the playful fights him and Ranveer were in for the controversies! *winks*


“You will fail, multiple times, but don’t stop! If you stop, then you are the real failure”, he says.


Ashish Chanchlani:


Ashish Chanchlani


“Don’t lose hope, okay? Everything is not permanent. Good moments will come along, and when they do, you will be thrilled” was a piece of golden advice from Ashish Chanchlani.






“Please keep doing all the mistakes you are doing because when you grow up, you are going to look at them and go ‘oh! Thank God I did them’ otherwise I would still be stupid,” was one of the best advice ever by MostlySane.


Mad Stuff With Rob:


Mad stuff with Rob


“You should not compare yourself to others, okay, it is very important to find what you have inside because every person has the potential to be great. When you have something so unique inside you, work on that man! Keep building it, the sky is the limit,” was quite the stunning advice by Mad Stuff With Rob!






“My advice to everybody, especially girls, DO IT! Kaise bhi apne parents ko convince kar ke, try to still do what you want to do! Everything else will fall in place if you follow your heart!” we are glad to have us an inspiring Rickshawali!


Brodha V:


Brodha V


“Make sure you guys never give up on anything no matter how hard it is. Eventually, the fruits of labor are going to be sweeter than you expected,” was a piece of sweet and fruitful advice by Brodha V!


Flying Beast:


Flying Beast


“Do it now, time is now. Don’t think the time is not right. Do it now, take action” says Flying Beast.






One thing Carryminati learned from running his channel for so long is, “bohot mushkil hai yaar! Maze bhi aate hai but lagti toh hai. Woh dono saath saath chalti hai.”


Tushar Khair:


Tushar Khair


“Be serious about life. Follow your dreams. Have gains like Ranveer!” says a frolicky Tushar Khair!


Every single YouTuber has worked really hard to reach where they are today and hence it makes them the right people to get some life-changing piece of advice from!

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