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3 Truths Every Student Should Know

By Beerbiceps • 21 July 2021
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Dear students, this one is for you all.


All of you must have felt at least one of the things mentioned below in your school/college life,


  • You feel your curriculum is pointless.
  • The trigonometry or a math subject that you are studying makes no sense to you.
  • A low exam score is making you question your abilities.

Well, like you, Ranveer was also once a student. He was in the same position as you are but he conquered through all of it. Your favorite BeerBiceps has three very important lessons but more like facts for you that he learned throughout the years.


It is very important for every student to read this! By the end of this article, you will feel hopeful and motivated towards your school. So read what your favorite Ranveer bhaiya has to say to you all.


1. Exam marks are not a representation of your intelligence (or potential):


The way the education system is built, you are only being tested for your ability to work hard. Moreover, you are being tested for your ability to 'rote learn’ or 'mug up’.


This is not how life works. Yes, life requires you to work hard. But life only requires you to work hard in ONE or TWO subjects. If you're good in English but weak in Science, trust us, it will not matter in life because with hard work, you can create a beautiful career with your interest in English or any subject that you like.


No matter how bad a student you are, there is that ONE subject you enjoy. It could be ART or even PHYSICAL EDUCATION. In modern-day, master just that ONE subject in order to make a respectable career in society. Don't let your overall aggregate affect your mood. If your grades pulled you down, for all you know you might become the world's number one graphic designer. Life is about focusing on your strengths. And strengths are always an outcome of subjects you enjoy. Life will not really test you on your weak subjects.


BUT, remember to work hard. May your so-called 'BAD MARKS' leave you with that one lesson. WORK HARD to EARN recognition.


2. Don't let those voices dull your shine:


Parents/Teachers put pressure on us because they want the best for our future. Back in their time, Grades, colleges, and exam results meant a lot more for their careers. In our time, Grades, colleges and exam results mean a lot only for the BEGINNING of your career. Opportunities, career options, and career requirements are completely different today.


In today's day and age, even if you begin your career at the bottom of the pile, a desire to learn new skills and the hunger to GROW will help you rise up the ranks very fast. If a relative has told you that you should be affected by your bad marks, please know that they're talking based on their perspectives, from their time.


Yes, marks represent how much time and effort you put into your studying process. But they aren't an exact representation of how much effort you'll be able to put into your ‘career process’.


In a month or so, any 'exam marks' conversations will be forgotten. Do not let your marks become your identity. Life is LONG. You're going to look back at your exams as tiny moments in the timeline of your life. What you do AFTER your education will count way more than what you do while still in school. But just know, to never become the person who has no purpose, no drive, and no hunger for growth. There's nothing less attractive or less magnetic than that.


Bad marks may be excused. A bad attitude in life is unforgivable. Not by society. But by the older version of you.


3. School teaches you life, not subjects:


10 years from now, the memories that you will have retained from, will NOT be related to your exams. They'll be related to your school/college experiences. Remember, life's greatest skills are not learnt in textbooks.


They're learnt in:


  • In break conversations: Communication skills
  • On the sports field: Humility, health, team-work
  • When you're rejected by your crush: Ability to face rejection
  • During punishment/detention: Morals/discipline
  • When teachers talk to you about life & not subjects: Mindset building, psychology

This is the reason you go to school. That grueling examination process is just to teach you the modern world's biggest requirement - Work ethic. Exams are a method to teach students to WORK HARD (Study) towards rewards (Good results, medals, trophies). They're simply meant to be a simulation of life.


But a life that's only all about 'work ethic’ is an incomplete one. Yes, your work ethic and sense of purpose is crucial for you to gain respect in society. But respect without happiness and peace means nothing. All those other random skills, discipline, team-work, etc., they count for far more in life.


So, if you're feeling low about your marks, Chin up, my friend. Life has only begun. And as long as you've got even an ounce of positivity after this, know that you'll be alright.


Coming from an entrepreneur/YouTuber who was always told he'd amount to nothing because of his poor exam performance. I hope this gives you some hope. Life is long and this is not even the beginning of your story.

-Ranveer Allahabadia

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