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Hacks to Improve Your Personality

By Parul Priya • 21 July 2021
  • Self-Growth

The first thing you probably notice about somebody is their personality.


Your personality doesn’t always include your looks, it includes the way you talk, your people skills, and even the confidence that you carry. There are so many things which make you whole as a person, and all those traits are what make up your personality. It is not a one-day thing but an ongoing process. So work on your personality, because it will give you that extra edge, the upper notch in life and career. 


Check out these amazing skills that will help in developing your personality,





Even if we want, we can’t stress on this one enough. The way you communicate determines the kind of relationship you have with people. We are living in a world with billions of people around us, you can’t possibly live without communicating. So, you might as well learn the art of it. Learn the art of listening and being patient. Talk respectfully and thoughtfully. And as and when your communication gets better, you will see a huge change in your personal as well as professional relationships. Also, any person who speaks well instantly becomes likeable to all. So get going!




Problem Solving

You know how every time you can’t find something at home, you rush to your mom? That is the skill you should have. Be the person people come to in times of crisis. Own the art of problem-solving. This will in turn help you change your thought process entirely. You will change from someone who cribs about problems to the one who solves them and moves ahead. No one wants to dwell on the problems, we all want quick solutions to everything. Hence, this tip will come in very handy.





In this world, there are two kinds of people - One is the leader and the other follower. This is where you need to make a choice. Do you want to just follow for the rest of your life? If not, learn leadership skills. Take responsibility. Don’t just move ahead in the directions of others. Create your own directions. This doesn’t mean that the followers are wrong, it simply means that at some point you should take the lead. Don’t follow in other people’s footsteps every time. Carve your own path, mark your own footsteps. Leadership is a very strong skill. If you acquire this one, growth is bound to happen.




Interpersonal skills or simply put your people skills are another skill that will take you a long way. In today’s time, we are all about networking and building relationships. In order to build these strong networks, you need to have a way with people. You need to treat them the way they want to be treated and also the way you want to be treated. You, of course, want to be treated with love and respect, so put that across. Also, see what their thought process is like and treat them accordingly. This doesn’t mean doing everything to please others, but just enough to maintain a healthy relationship. 





And lastly, your confidence is the key. No amount of words or skills can lead you ahead if you don’t have the confidence to present it. Feeling confident from the inside is very important for your growth. The aura you have, the vibe you give out is all a representation of who you are inside. And if you don’t feel confident inside, it will be visible outside as well. For example, if you aren’t confident, you might stutter. Without confidence, you can’t lead a group of people or solve their problems. So all your skills go down waste if this isn’t catered to. Work on your confidence and all of this will start to align. 


Kudos on completing the 5 tips we suggest to focus on to have a great personality. Now, develop these 5 skills and see your life change one step at a time. All the best!


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