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Best Self-growth Hacks

By Bigbrainco • 20 April 2021
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Self-growth is as important as breathing fresh air. It means taking care of yourself and becoming a better version of yourself.

"The swiftest way to triple your success is to double your investment in personal development." - Robin Sharma

 Every day comes as a new challenge and Self-Growth can surely help you fight these challenges. We have tried and tested a bunch of methods to secure a healthy state of mind. Let's have a look :

Start your Self-Growth journey with these proven hacks :

Start being Grateful :

The first step is to learn to be satisfied and happy with everything and everyone around you. A lot of leaders spend a lot of their time is extremely grateful and happy with what they have. That is the one quality that makes them stand out. Just being satisfied with everything you have – is a rare quality and once achieved can help you reach milestones.

Sleep Enough :

Because of so many distractions in the current digital age, people give less importance to sleep. Binge-watching shows, talking late-night with friends and going out – have poorly affected sleep cycles and ultimately destroyed health. Self-growth, like mentioned, is becoming a better version of you and this can only be achieved when proper rest is taken and the brain is active. Ultimately, this depends on whether or not you are well-rested and have taken the prescribed 8-9 hours of sleep.

Exercise :

Exercising for good and taking care of the body makes you feel good about yourself mentally and physically. It maintains balance which is needed to lead a happy and simple life. Even 30 minutes of exercise gets you going the whole day and keeps you extremely energetic.

Be Nice To People :

You don’t need a reason to be kind and nice to people. People whose motto is service before self are seen as people who have a high quality of life. That is because; they grow each day and are always willing to help people in need.

Talk more to yourself :

Self-growth means understanding your weaknesses while trying to convert them into strengths. It means knowing yourself in and out and accepting yourself the way you are. Talking to yourself in the mirror/or on the camera helps you take the confusion out of your mind and become more sorted in the head. Hence, it is recommended to have more conversations with you than with anyone else.

Have a ‘Me’ Time every day :

We spend so much time understanding what is going on in other people’s personal life that we sometimes forget to check on our growth and life. One of the best ways to address this issue is to be able to take some time off what is happening around you and focus on your own life. Make it a habit to add some half hour or one hour for only your own life and focus on only your own self.

Always be a learner :

Those who are willing to learn, have won half the battle. Learning is everywhere around you – all you have to do is keep your eyes open to be able to catch hold of it. Another word for self-growth is the ability to always learn as much as possible and make sure it is a continuous process.

Look up to your idol :

Everyone has someone they look up to and wish to be like when they reach a certain age. Always have an idol that you look up to and wish to become as your journey of self-growth depends on a lot who you choose during this time.

Plan Solo Trips :

It is often said, ‘Travelling takes you to a place, where no Application can’. Traveling alone takes care of two things:

Spend time for yourself – spending time with yourself is so crucial for self-growth and solo trips give you enough time for just that.

Different Stories – You meet people from across the world and learn from their stories and who knows, that actually helps you grow?

Like we mentioned, self-growth is as important as breathing fresh air. Make sure you focus on yourself as much as you focus on others!

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