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How To Lose Weight In 7 Days

By Kunika Agrawal • 01 July 2021
Fitness and Nutrition
  • Fitness and Nutrition

Physical fitness is not just about losing weight or gaining muscles. It has a lot more to do about your mental fitness. It is about who you are becoming through the process of becoming fit.


An aspect of Ranveer’s life from when he was fat that he doesn’t discuss very often was the lack of mental discipline. He used to order food 4-5 times a week, binge drink on weekends, deserts after every meal.


It initially starts off as wanting to have one cheat meal before starting fresh on a proper diet. It is an impulsive decision in the beginning which develops into a habit. Everyone who has excess fat gave in to the cravings once in a while which later developed into a habit.


Here’s where a fit lifestyle could reverse things for you:

  • Fitness not only gives you a good physique and an attractive body, but it is also developing you on the inside. Every fit person is a lot more disciplined in life than a regular average person. Discipline is a gift that comes with fitness. That discipline makes you feel awesome on the inside and in the mind.

  • Along with physical fitness goals like a 6 pack or a thigh gap, y+ou should also have mental fitness goals like increasing discipline in your life. This discipline gives you mental peace, which in turn gives you the mental space to take on more challenging things in life.

  • Ranveer fought and won the weight loss battle. He got so inspired by his own journey, he decided to switch careers from engineering to fitness training so he could help other people become the best version of themselves. He gets a kick out of adding more value to other people’s lives and helping them recognize their true potential. Being a fitness coach allows him to be physically around people while helping them achieve their own goals. YouTube turned out to be an amazing way to help a broader audience than the one on one sessions he gave as a trainer. Think of this website as an online training of sorts.

  • When you are given a training routine at the gym and you follow the same pattern repeats, you are becoming the best version of yourself. But you need to build in the framework.

  • In the beginning, Ranveer did the BB40 challenge. In this challenge, you take no sweet food in your palette. So no sugar, desserts, honey, jaggery, alcohol, or even fruit. This is only to unwind your brain from the sweet tooth concept. Denying that you have a sweet tooth doesn’t work because sugar is an addictive substance. If you follow this diet plan to the T, you would easily lose 3-8 kgs.

  • Ranveer believes that fitness plans should be universally free for everyone. Going to a dietician is a waste of resources because they only tell you a few things that you didn’t already know.

  • Another weight loss challenge is the BBsummer weight loss diet plan. This plan explains everything you need to know about dieting, essentially online coaching about diets.

  • Through these challenges and fitness routines at the gym, you will get a framework to follow in order to become the best version of yourself.

Chase the mental stability and discipline through these fitness regimes and the weight loss and attractive physique will follow you! 

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