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Fitness and Nutrition

5 Indian Superfoods You Must Eat

By Dhwani Shah • 26 July 2021
Fitness and Nutrition
  • Fitness and Nutrition

You all must have heard people say that they have included superfood in their diet. 


But the real question is, how many of us know what superfoods are? Do we need to buy them from some fancy place?


To answer your question, food becomes superfood when it has a plethora of benefits, versatile uses and suits all body types. These foods are not rare and exotic but are our very own local produce. They are easily available and are pocket friendly. These foods not only help with weight loss but also glowing skin, lustrous hair, strong immunity and robust digestive system. 


The best part? These superfoods are easily found in our Indian diet. So, let's deep dive into the article to know more about these Indian superfoods, shall we?






Jackfruit is indeed a 'jack of all trades' food. It promotes fertility and is effective for anti-ageing. If your goal is to put on weight and build muscle mass, do include jackfruit in your diet. Raw jackfruit is very rich in antioxidants; it maintains gut bacteria and kills cancer cells. Even its seeds are very rich in iron. They also work as a natural antidepressant, hair tonic and help in nourishing the skin. It's leaves are also known for boosting your immunity.


Moong Dal (Green gram):


Green Gram


It is probably the only gram that suits all body types. It is easy to digest and strengthens the body. Moong Dal has fibre, iron, potassium and vitamin 6. It is ideal for fat loss and muscle gain. Even the water used to boil the lentils is great for consumption as it helps with strengthening tissues and intestine. Once sprouted, its nutrition only increases. Make sure to eat it especially if you have weak eyesight.






We already know about how rich lemons are in vitamin C but that’s not all. The Lemon peel that we tend to throw away is the most nutritious part of the lemon as the content of Vitamin C is the highest in it. Lemon also helps with increasing your appetite, losing your weight, getting rid of dandruff and helps in de-tanning your skin. Lemon helps with arthritis, liver problems, cold and cough.


Moringa (Drumsticks):




It is one of the best blood purifiers out there. It is full of calcium and extremely rich in iron. Every part of it - stem, leaves, roots and flowers, are used for medicinal purposes. It is known to be the best food cleanser and helps with detox when had on an empty stomach along with warm water.






Yes, it is a seasonal fruit but it’s very important to make the most of it while we can. Again just like drumsticks - every part of it - the bark, gum, sap, seed and leaves are all used for various purposes. Mango is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. It also helps in increasing your haemoglobin and improving digestion. Mango leaves are antimicrobial. They are also effective in controlling blood sugar levels and aids weight loss.


Including these superfoods in your diet will have an enormous impact on your fitness goals and overall health. To know more about more such superfoods, watch-out for this space!

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