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Best Chest Workout At Home

By Bigbrainco • 22 April 2021
Fitness and Nutrition
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If you are a guy who wants to burn lower chest fat or a girl who wants a toned body, you have come to the right place!


We are here to help you with the full chest workout plan at home for both men and women.


Some of the workouts are going to be weightless, some will be weighted. If you have dumbbells, it is perfect, otherwise, try filling a bag with some heavy books which acts as an excellent makeshift dumbbells. This workout is based around push-ups and two basic types of movements, one is press (where you push) and one is fly (where you squeeze).




man doing push up, chest workout


Don't worry if you cannot do a proper push-up, there’s a simpler form where you hinge your knees to the ground and keep your arms shoulder length apart and just go for it. For proper push-ups, keep your feet shoulder-width apart. If that is not possible, start by keeping your feet at a larger distance. Wider the feet, easier the push-up. Wider arms mean more strain on the chest.


Narrower arms mean more strain on the tricep. The angle your arms make with the torso also plays a role in the muscle being worked. Lesser angle means the lower chest is getting the strain. Higher the angle, higher up in the chest is where you feel the muscle strain. For chest workout, hit the angle directly under the line of your chest, a little below your shoulder height. Body posture should be completely straight, except for the slight hinge at the hip. Go as low as possible and push up from there. For resistance, add your bag to your shoulders, hinged to your upper back.




Get on your bed, face up. Keep your back arched and feet near the bum. Go to the edge for an increased range of motion. Keep a stool/chair to rest your head with your neck slightly hinged. The sides of the dumbbell should hit the sides of your chest. If you do not have dumbbells, use your school bag but keep the weight equally divided between both hands.




Position your body just like the press workout. When you take your arms low, go as low as possible and while going up, squeeze your chest a little bit like you are hugging a firm tree. Remember that a chest fly is an isolation movement so you only use one muscle at once. So keep the angle at the elbow joint constant throughout the rep. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can use your bag but keep it very light since it is difficult to isolate the one muscle you want to work with.



Pro tip: Failure is working out till you cannot do a single more rep. At home, make sure you don’t go all the way till failure, but go to about 80% of failure.


Workout plan:


> Target 8-10-12 repetition range

> Workout should last for 15-20 minutes

> Have 30-60 seconds long breaks

> Keep the number of sets up to you


Woman Doing Push-Ups, chest workout at home without equipment




Set 1: 8 pushups

Set 2: 10 pushups

Set 3: 12 pushups


Additionally, you can add resistance by strapping your bag to your shoulders


Chest press:


Set 1: 8 pushups

Set 2: 10 pushups

Set 3: 12 pushups


Additionally, keep increasing the weight of dumbbells after every set or add more books to your bag if you are using that as a pseudo dumbbell.


Chest fly:


Set 1: 8 pushups

Set 2: 10 pushups

Set 3: 12 pushups


Again, keep increasing the weight of dumbbells after every set. If you use a bag, you can only work one arm at a time so do a total of 6 sets instead.


So, these some very easy, cost-effective chest workout tips for both men and women. No need for a gym membership! With us in your life now, you can make better use of no membership as an excuse for not working out at the gyms!

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