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Why is Mental Health Important?

By Parul Priya • 08 April 2021
Mental Health
  • Mental Health
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Before starting with our talk on why mental health is important, let me make this assumption that if you have clicked on this story, chances are that you are already somewhat aware about what mental health is.


As humans, we all tend to go through various emotions like happy, sad, confused, frustrated in our day-to-day life. Sometimes these emotions can get the best of us if not handled with proper care. Researchers have also begun to flesh out physiological explanations for depression and other mental health problems. Your mental health matters are as crucial as other important things in life because it can drastically affect your physical health. For example, mental disorders can raise your risk for physical health problems such as stroke, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.


Did you know - Around 1 in 5 of the world's children and adolescents have mental health problems. Now, something which can affect us from a young age should be addressed.


From affecting decision-making to something as serious as depression, there is a lot that can happen if we don’t see ourselves as emotional beings but rather only as physical beings. Interesting right?


Let’s get into these 5 reasons that rightly talk about why is mental health important:


1. For Being the Best Version of You:


Reasons why mental health is important

2. For a Better Relationship with Others:


Have you ever noticed, on the days you are happy and excited, the world around you seems better? Well, it is a known fact that we see the world the way we feel on inside about ourselves. With a good relationship with self, comes good relationships with others as well. There comes a point when you aren’t affected by the world outside, because things cannot affect you from the inside. Nothing can hurt you. And when nothing affects you, you just tend to be happy around everyone, improving your relationship with others as well.


3. For your emotional health:


Ever stuck in a situation when you are so angry, you say all the harsh words to people around? Or you start to cry over the very little things in life? This can be a sign of bad emotional health. Feeling sad is fine but feeling sad/angry/stressed at all times is not. Mental health is important for you to not feel those emotions more than you can handle. Good mental health helps you manage your emotions well making you a much more stable person.


#4 For being the best version of you:


Mental health awareness can change the world for you for the good. It can make you the best version of yourself. It can help you be happy and do things, even if you thought you couldn’t do. When you get comfortable in your body, your skin and you can handle your emotions well, there is no amount of negativity which can affect you deeply. This doesn’t mean that there will be no negative situations in life, but just that you can now fight them with ease.


#5 To create a happy world:


And for the last reason as to why mental health is important - when you are strong, your relationships are strong. The people around you become strong. They want to be the best version of themselves and this cycle will create a happy world. Your world, if happy from the inside can be a better place than the one which was not, for you and also for others around you.


Mental health is extremely important, it is called so and labeled as Health for these important reasons. Happiness, Well-being, Content and Satisfaction are major factors that can keep your Mental Health stable. We as humans, go through a lot of experiences every day, amongst those many affect our Mental Health in positive as well as negative ways. Let us learn more on how to secure our Mental-Well Being by putting in efforts every day.


In cases where you see things going out of your hands, you can even try seeing a counselor or follow some mental health blogs. I hope these points helped you know why mental health is important. If you wish to know how you can work on your Mental health, continue reading our other articles.


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