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Self-care ideas for a bad day

By Ishita Vaisishth • 23 April 2021
Mental Health
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Self-care is as important as breathing fresh air. It means taking care of yourself and becoming a better version of yourself.


Every day comes as a new challenge. With an extremely fast-paced life ahead of us we sometimes forget our own self and like everyone else – we might also have some bad days. Especially on bad days when every moment may seem dull, self-care will help you fight the monster challenges.


Here are some quick self-care ideas to cheer you up on a bad day,


self care ideas


Take a Long hot Shower:


Taking a hot and long shower helps reduce stress and transports you into a different world. Having a bad day? No problem, go and take a hot shower – it will help relax your nerves and automatically bring down the bad part of your day and increase the calmness in your entire body.


Read a Fun Magazine:


The best part about magazines is that all kinds of them are available. From India Today to Vogue – you have it all. So, in case you end up having a bad day just toss a magazine (does not matter if it is old or new) and go ahead and spend time reading.


Dance Solo:


Dancing helps you in shoo-ing away all the bad vibes and takes you on a different level of fun. One of the most effective and easy care tips is to dance away like no one is watching.


Listening to your favourite songs:


Just like dancing, listening to songs can help you focus a lot more and gives you a perspective. Thanks to the internet, all kinds of songs from the 80s to now in all the languages are available on apps like Spotify, Jio Saavn, and YouTube(with videos as well) and hence you can focus on listening to just your favorite songs or even creating a playlist for the entire day.


Read a Good Book:


Self-care means focusing on your interests, your needs and wants. Reading your favorite author does just that – it helps you focus on your taste and takes you on a journey with the comfort of sitting on your sofa.


Go Meet a Friend:


Friends are the best cure of any day and lighten up your mood within minutes. On a bad day – you can take care of yourself by meeting your close friend and talking about anything you wish to during lunch/dinner/breakfast or even a coffee. That is how friends help you overcome bad days.


Spend time with Animals:


Another idea is to spend time with pets- they instantly put you in a good mood and are always your friends. They also don’t need to know the answer for your why/what/when and hence there is no explanation required there.


Pamper yourself:


Pampering yourself can be to sleep more, go out for a spa, go for a foot massage, or even for retail therapy- you can do anyone of these and more to take care of yourself on a bad day.




Well, exercise helps in all situations. Whether good, bad, or neutral. So, a quick way to detach your focus from a bad vibe is to exercise any time during the day. Read our free courses to get started on your exercise routine as a beginner!


Watch a Movie:


A lot of us must have ‘Wish list movies’ that we have not been able to watch until now because of our XYZ reasons. Hence, watching the movie at last on a bad feeling day would give you a great feeling of accomplishment. 


The above mentioned are some of the ideas you can implement on a bad day. Do come back to read more and tell us how these tips helped you clean-bowled your bad days effortlessly!

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