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Mental Health

Digital Detox For Self Care

By Ishita Vaisishth • 23 April 2021
Mental Health
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We are surrounded by the internet.


Be it social media, searching for news, searching for a long-lost friend, or even searching for the perfect restaurant, Digital life has taken over our way of living and most of our crucial times as well. Result of which, we have started valuing the real world a lot less than required. We are chasing the digital one which in reality – does not exist. Self-care is not taken that seriously. It is all thanks to the Digital world and it is causing more harm than ever to us mentally, emotionally. One study from Notre Dame University-Louaize on university students found that high avoidant attachment, low self-esteem and high anxiety level may lead to a tendency for smartphone addiction, compounding the negative impacts of digital technology itself.


digital detox


Let us understand why Digital Detox is important for Self-care,


Less Comparison with others:


In today’s world, right from a child to an old individual – everyone is comparing themselves with someone or the other.Almost half of the 18-34-year-olds said their social media feeds made them feel unattractive. The urge to become like someone has increased a lot. On Social Media, we get updates from friends who are not even in touch. We then tend to start comparing their situation with us.


For example, a friend of yours bought a bag that costs say INR 30,000. Now, he posts a photo of that on Instagram and you suddenly feel the need to buy that as well. That is how you end up spending your energy on situations that are not needed. A digital detox – would help you regain that energy.


More Sleep:


A study says– that people spend an hour on just their phones and that hour they take away from sleep. One of the most important factors for mental health balance is the key to sleep appropriately and enough. A 2015 survey conducted by Deloitte found that around 59% of smartphone users check a social media platform in the five minutes prior to going to bed, and within 30 minutes of waking up. 47% of adults miss out on sleep due to internet usage. Spending less time on Digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. allows you to focus on the important things.


More Time for Important Things:


As mentioned above, a digital detox would help you focus on the things that are important. You wouldn't just stay glued to your phone to understand what is happening around you. Let us understand this with the help of an example. Say, you want to finish sorting out your clothes in the cupboard – but you get to know your school friend (who now you have lost touch with) has gotten married. You spend that entire time informing your other friends about this incident and forget to actually do what was needed. Self-care also focuses a lot on spending time on the things that are important for you.


More Focus on yourself:


With the internet all over us – it is super easy to get distracted. Staying away from that would help you focus on yourself, your priorities, your to-do list, your family and friends. These days it is so convenient to get hold of information that we tend to miss out on the most important aspect - our own self and our own mental health.   


Less Screen Times:


Less screen time is the most important factor which comes into the picture when you plan to stay away from the digital world. Over a third of people believe that their increased screen time in lockdown has caused their eyesight to deteriorate.

Most of us have weak eyesight because of being glued on various platforms that add very little/no value to our life. Less screen time makes you want to focus on other important things like – going out to play, reading your favorite book, and even relaxing and doing nothing.


Mentioned above are the pointers why digital detox is necessary. We understand that digital cannot be completely avoided at all times but lesser attention should be given to digital platforms to live a healthy, stress-free, happy and most importantly a simple life which would help you to in turn focus on your own self lot more.

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