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Improve Your Creative Writing Skills

By Ishita Vaisishth • 30 July 2021
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Writing is nothing short of an art.


Majority of the people have said it over a hundred times - writing helps you declutter your brain and thoughts and helps to express like no other medium. Writing has been a really popular way to communicate for over 100 years and continues to be one of the most preferred skills. 


Let us understand how writing can be improved,



Start Small/Short:


The best way to start writing is to write less and write just to the point. When you are only starting out, the most effective solution to your writing problem is the length. The best way to write, is to write fewer words and to the point. This helps remove the tension you might feel about what to write more.





The msot famous of the writers say, Reading is writing. Reading is as important as writing and plays a major role in the style of writing. For example, if you are someone who reads a lot about companies and their growth, then your style of writing might also be very similar to what you read. Hence, read as much as you can before getting into a specific genre of writing.



Find A Writing Group:


People are everywhere and so are groups. If you base your search well, you will find many book clubs that are just right for you. People nowadays want to be with like-minded people to create something of value for the society and hence end up making a lot of groups on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. The best way to develop a habit is to surround yourself with people that align well with your goals and interact with them on a regular basis. 



Follow Writers:


Like budding actors follow an actor, budding photographers follow an established photographer, similarly one of the ways to improve your writing skills is to follow any writer/author of your choice and observe their pattern of writing. This will help you understand writing in a better way. You can find your favourite writers on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.


Create a Blog:


Creating a blog these days is extremely easy and a really popular method to establish yourself as a writer. Blogs can be created on WordPress for free. With the growing advent of the internet, blogging has gained a lot of popularity. People blog about categories ranging from Cooking Meals to Best Exercises at home. Blogging is an easy access to the world of writing and also adds a lot of value to your resume and portfolio.



Write Every Day:


I am sure you all have heard about the very old saying - Practice makes a man perfect. Every day a step towards what you really want will eventually lead you to your desired destination. In simple terms, a little bit of writing daily will solve two problems: it will increase your confidence to write and help you understand your style of writing.


Choose Simple Words:


Always choose simple words while starting early. The main tip for writing is not to add difficult words but to actually make sense. Your content should make sense and be easily readable. And for that to happen, you'll have choose to express yourself in the easiest and understable manner. 


As stated above, writing is not a skill one is born with. It can definitely be acquired and that too with really easy steps. If you follow the above-mentioned steps religiously – writing can be learnt. It is one of the most sought after skills! So, don't wait and get on the train that will lead you to 'the perfect creative writer' station!



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