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How To Prepare For An Interview

By Ishita Vaisishth • 24 April 2021
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One of the most important days for an individual could be the interview day which can land you a dream job or also reject away your application for a dream role.


A lot of individuals fear interviews and are scared of appearing for them. Some even miss the chance of sitting for it only because they are under confident and not prepared well with the material. With some great pre-interview preparation this problem can be solved and managed as well.



So whether it is your first interview or your third, with some proper planning you can definitely land that job. Let us understand some tips to be followed while preparing for the interview,


1. Research about the Company and Role:



One of the most crucial tips for acing any interview you sit for is to understand about the values of the company, what the company does, future goals and of course which role are you being interviewed for. This will automatically boost your confidence and give you a great start when the interviewer asks ‘why do you want to join us?’


2. Know your strength and weaknesses:



Even though this might seem like a very repetitive check point – it helps you mould your answer and come out as someone who knows what is right and the areas that need improvement because let's have it, there's always some room for improvement right? This activity helps with two things-

a. Interviewer believes you know your negatives well.

b. It creates a lot of talking point during an interview.


3. Practice a mock with friend/family:


Practicing well in advance will help you prepare for interviews like nothing else. A tip to prepare in the most efficient manner is to be able to create an environment just like an actual interview and make either your friend of a family member sit across and ask the most commonly asked questions. This is a great way to boost your confidence and will help you be well prepared for the D-day.


4. Read about the Common Questions:



Thanks to Quora and the internet – we have answers to all our questions. The FAQs come in handy as interviewers sometimes repeat a set of questions in all the interviews. While mugging up an answer is never a good option – but knowing the tone and set of questions will definitely give you an edge.


5. Know the interviewer:


Always know the journey of the interviewer so that you are well aware about who is sitting right across the table. A good practice is to read about them on Google/LinkedIn and understand where they are coming from along with their educational background.


6. Always have questions at the end:



A pro-tip which many people ignore is to always ask questions when the interviewer concludes the round by asking ‘Any questions for us?’


If you ask meaningful questions during this particular point – it automatically gives a good impression about you. The interviewer assumes you have done enough research and are extremely serious about the company and the role too. So, it is definitely a great option to ask related questions.


Questions can range from – What are the growth aspects for me in this company?, When does an employee get promoted on an average?, etc.



If these techniques are incorporated, then passing any interview is a cake-walk. All you have to do is, be well prepared and these tips mentioned above will do the magic and help you land that perfect opportunity just made for you!


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