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How To Be More Creative

By Ishita Vaisishth • 23 April 2021
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During the current day and age everyone wants to be creative in their way of dealing.


Believe it or not, deep down we all want to know everything and be updated. Creativity attracts the right kind of people by letting you think outside the box. The best way of becoming creative is not one but many.



A creative person always has their mind working and wants to understand different ways to solving the same issue. Hence, everyone around us wants to innovate and come up with different ideas specially to stand out in the current scenario where everything is a rat race.


Let us understand some simple and easy tips for becoming creative at any given point of time.


1. Listen to leaders:


A lot of us look up to someone in our lives, don't we? It can be our parents, the Prime Minister, a Socialist or even an actor- we all have someone we follow. It becomes extremely important to listen and follow our idols and their journey. Sometimes we learn just by following and that is when the innovation begins. Hence, listening to your leaders on Social Media, YouTube, or even Podcasts will help you come up with great out of the box ideas.


2. Challenge yourself:



All innovations and creativity begin when we begin to challenge our own self. Every day is a new opportunity and if we try to learn from it – our mindset changes a lot. Push yourself hard enough every single day so that new windows of hope open up and new ideas pop-in. For Example, Google (the tech giant) was started in a garage by two university dropouts because they saw an opportunity that no one else did and they made sure they challenged themselves till the point where Google finally became a reality.


3. Exercise:



Your mind and body, heart and soul are all inter-related. A fresh breath of air in the morning for as less as 30 minutes can do wonders to your brain and help you start the day in the most efficient manner. Exercise, by a known fact, is meant to increase the brain cells and activate them in the most effective manner. Exercise helps not only your mind but also your body and helps you maintain the creative side of you very early in the day.


4. Write and Express:



Creativity has got a lot to do with expressing yourself well. Expressing can either be through verbal actions or through writing- either way creativity rises. Let’s say, an Indian author wants everyone to know his story but has to no way to reach out to everyone across the globe. He pens his idea down on a Blog and reaches to everyone possible. That is creativity and making sure digital means have been utilized well.


5. Draw/Paint:



Another brilliant way and an addition to the above point of becoming creative is the ability to draw, doodle and paint. There are n number of things that can be drawn or painted and expressed by utilizing your creative side well. In fact, there was a TED Talk on Creativity which only spoke about Doodling, Painting and Drawing. One of the most effective ways of dealing with creativity are these three things as the ocean is the end of these. There is practically everything you can draw and learn.


6. Explore and Travel:



Travelling and Exploring opens avenues and gives you time to think. Creativity has got a lot to do with thinking, sitting back and spending time for yourself. Travelling helps you in exactly this. It helps you to think, take time out for yourself and obviously think outside the box.


This brings us to the end of this article. Like we said, creativity is extremely simple and there is no timeline attached to it. You can start being creative just today with these simple steps mentioned above.


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