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Grow your Business Strategically

By Parul Priya • 21 July 2021
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Is your business running stagnant? Have you reached the point where you aren’t seeing any potential growth?


Then this article is for you. Many times businesses keep running without seeing any potential growth. Some of them even lose excitement to put in the efforts because of this stagnation. However, all you need at this time are a few quick fixes to jump-start your growth.


Let’s go through 5 tips that will help your business grow strategically,


Set a clear value proposition:


Your value proposition is what sets you apart. It is what defines what your business stands for. All the big companies have a set defined proposition along with their goals. A lot of upcoming businesses do not know their unique selling point. They get into the business with the idea of doing the same thing everyone else is doing. This is why their profit tends to reduce over the period. In other cases, maybe they did set a value proposition at the beginning of the time, but by a few years into it maybe they align with the idea themselves. This is the time when you need to work on changing your selling point. Try to revisit your value proposition every few years and you will be well aligned with your organizational goals as well. 


Note your Key Indicators:


Another thing businesses miss out on is measuring the change. Our environment outside is dynamic, which means it changes over a while. If the environment is changing, you need to change your business goals along with it. And every change is supposed to be measured. Find out what actions you will have to take concerning the change outside, measure the potential growth or loss that you will incur because of it. Have multiple plans and measure the success of each of them. 


Regularly verify your revenue streams:


When was the last time you checked where your revenue is coming from? Has there been a change in the amount of revenue you have been receiving? As a business, you need to continuously verify your streams of income. Additionally, you need to keep finding new prospects from where you can gain more revenue. In the market, there are a lot of potential ideas. Some ideas may seem very interesting, but don’t pay much. There is no point in venturing into such plans. Find a viable plan which will require the minimum cost and the maximum profit and use it. This way keep updating your income sources, and the stagnation will go away in no time. 


Focus on your strengths:


While all businesses require you to assess your strengths and weaknesses, only sometimes it’s important to forget your weaknesses and focus on your strengths. Focus on the areas wherein you know you can put in your best and the outcome will come. Use your strength to create a niche. Create your unique selling point through your strengths and the growth process will become so much easier.


Invest in talent:


Finally, invest in talent. This is something most of us go wrong with. We invest in material assets but we don’t invest in human resources. Human resource is the best investment you can ever make. A good employee can create something useful even out of the worst situations. Even the worst of situations can be solved through a good brain. You would have seen a lot of huge companies focus on getting the right CEO, the right COO. This is so because these people lead the companies. It is their ideas and visions which create a path for the company to grow. Hence, focusing your attention on them is extremely important. Don’t just invest in the top-level employees, invest in people you see potential in. Even if it is a managerial position, you will see the results instantly. 


So, these were some tips we believe will help you in building up the growth potential of your organization. Always remember, stagnation is bound to happen at some point. But the consistency of stagnation can change with little effort from your end.

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