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How To Choose The Right Career

By BigBrainco • 14 April 2021
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If you don’t have an answer to the question when a relative or a peer asks “What are planning to do after college?”, you have come to the right place. We are here with Top Career 101 tips for you to ace the Career Game and get settled.


Firstly, it is okay if you do not have an answer to the above question. You can always say, you are in the search of the right career choice by exploring various fields to find what you love to do.


There is no universal compulsion to know what you want to do in future. You certainly don’t want to force yourself into something just because you need to answer society. You definitely do not want to get yourself into any fixed career path laid out for you to satisfy others’ curiosity about your future. And lastly, you most definitely don't want to end up somewhere you never wanted to because of the only reason that you didn’t take your sweet time exploring and trying out different paths for yourself.


We have laid out the prerequisites of choosing a Career for you. Take a look!


1. Patience :


You need to be patient about something you wish to achieve deeply. Things will not be handed to you on a plate. They will take their sweet little time and you need to be patient for that first and foremost.

Be patient when trying and exploring different fields of work in order to find the right one. Most of the time, the one you are working with at the moment will be frustrating and you will feel like you’re wasting your time but have patience, that is not the case, things will turn out right with time.


2. Spend time exploring different fields of career :


By doing this you will not be wasting your time, you are moving towards a good, well-experienced decision about your future. Put all your efforts into upskilling and learning through experiences in different jobs. You can do this by interning, freelancing, working on a project basis, or doing something monetizing on your own. Hobbies work best to understand what you want to do in future. Do not mix hobbies with what you are good at (for example - if you are good at maths, does not have to mean you need to find a career that requires maths like Engineering, you can also be a Content Writer if your hobby is writing).




3. Invest in Personality and Aptitude tests:


Go for genuine counselling. Sometimes, a third person, an experienced counsellor can have a better influence in telling you what you should do by judging your likes, dislikes, personality and aptitude. Invest in a good counsellor, urge them to give you personality and aptitude tests which will help you analyze what you should do in the future.


4. Speak to professionals from an Industry which you like:


Start early on LinkedIn. It can have an immense impact on your career choice. You need to get inside scoops on the type of job/work you want to do. Speak to industry professionals who have good experience in the said industry, can give you minute details and inquisitive answers to your curious questions. This method is smart, and a unique way to understand the job from an insider's perspective rather than going in it blindly with thoughts of it being hunky-dory. Only a professional working in the industry can tell you about the loopholes you might not know about the job. Build your network, and ask questions. Do not just assume and go blindly into a career, that is not smart.




5. Research :


Research is the only thing that can take you places you want to be. We search for even the smallest things, we do good research about the restaurants before ordering food or going out. Why not do thorough research on the field of your interest. It is very important to do proper research. You can do so by talking to experts, professionals, experiencing the job/work by yourself, read books on different industries and how people survived those and in the end research where your interests lie.


These steps will help you reach a good decision and they will indeed escort you in taking the ultimate decision of your right career path. Thinking smart is not that tough.


Image credits: pexels

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