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Build A Social Media Career

By Ishita Vaisishth • 23 April 2021
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Since the past five years, Social Media has grabbed a lot of attention! 


People from around the world be it Tier 2, Tier 3 or Metro Cities – are on Social Media platforms. Thanks to smartphones and the multiple mobile phone brands that have come up. Many Indians are using Facebook today. Other Platforms obviously include Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and many others.



This of course has increased the demand for Social Media and it has become one of the #trending career choices.


Let’s discuss how one can build a Social Media Career by following some easy steps,


1. Get Familiarized:



The one step to start from scratch is to get to know what these platforms are. It is important to know the basics of each application before one starts to build a career in Social Media. For Example – It is important to know Facebook has the option of sharing a story, sharing a post and also joining various groups of interests. Similarly, Instagram has an option of Direct Messaging Business’ on the platform and placing the order. Hence, the very first step is to understand the basics of the most popular applications of Social Media.


2. Stay Updated:



Because of the internet, everything is readily available and the best part is most of this is freely available, which gives one the opportunity to explore as much as possible. The best way to start in the Social Media space is to watch all the free material on YouTube, etc. Many YouTube channels give us a current picture of all the happenings in the social media space. For Example, Think Media is one such channel. Apart from that, Google helps and provides us with updated Trends, Highlights in the Social Media Space. Hence, being updated is essential.


3. Learn the Jargons:


For success in any field, it is important to know what words are trending in the field, after all, isn’t that what Social Media is for? Jargons not only help you understand a subject a lot better but also makes you feel a part of that subject.


4. Pursue a Certification/Short Term Course:



A lot of people, especially during the lockdown, have taken up courses to enhance their skills and trust us it is one of the best ways to gain practical and theoretical knowledge. A short term course or certification course helps you gain an edge and also meet different people from similar industries. UpGrad provides once such course in Digital Marketing for students/learners/professionals in partnership with a high-ranked institute like MICA.


5. Content Creation:


The success to build a social media career is to be able to create content that you relate to.

For example, let's consider you are a bike enthusiast. You want to build a career in sharing opinions about different bikes across the world. The best way is to follow influencers, accounts on social media apps who follow a similar practice. This will help you create a brand. You can share content with your own circle and automatically increase your knowledge without actually spending any money.


6. Social Networking:



One of the most crucial aspects of learning is to be able to learn from your friends and from the people around you. Networking helps you achieve all of this and more. Like we mentioned above, there are ample pages, groups and channels one could follow and be a part of. People enjoy learning from each other. This can be used in your own benefit while interacting with experts, entrepreneurs in the field of social media.


Hence, if these steps are followed – building a social media career will not be a difficult task.

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