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Fashion for Short Guys

By Kunika Agrawal • 02 July 2021
Style & Fashion
  • Style & Fashion

They often may be the butt of jokes amongst their friends, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be the butt of fashion jokes too.


They may be short, but even they can dress as well as anyone else. To ensure that, we’re here with 9 valuable tips and tricks for short guys.


Dark pants:




If you’re a short bro, you would want to avoid light-colored pants. You don’t want to expose your short legs so prefer wearing dark colors, maybe black and black, and you shall look stylish as ever.


Visual tricks:


Visual Tricks


Dark-on dark combination, vertical patterns, fitted clothes, monotone outfits make you look taller, or vertically stretched. Avoid horizontal patterns, baggy clothes, widespread collars or oversized jackets, and even shorts with huge pockets. They make you look shorter. 


Pattern science:


Pattern science


Avoid horizontal patterns as mentioned above; prefer tiny checks or patterns on shirts. They help you look muscular and taller. 


Pant science:


Pant Science


Make your tailor your best friend, get your pants tailored and altered if needed because you don’t want to wear pants that get baggy at the bottom. Wear pants that are narrow at the bottom. The area around the crotch, the fork shouldn’t be longer than required. 


Shoe science:


Shoe science


Avoid bright colors. Avoid bulky footwear. A bit of heel never hurt anybody (girls maybe). Go for footwear or loafers with a heel at the back, they make you appear taller. 


T-shirt tricks:


Plain Tshirt


Short sleeves, always. If the sleeves have some sort of small design or pattern, advantage! The ideal t-shirt length should be the mid-crotch area. Too long and too short t-shirts look ugly. 




Formal shirts


Focus on looking muscular, always roll up the sleeves and you are ready to go. Avoid muffin tops while tucking in your shirts. 


Haircut illusion:


Haircut illusion


Short on the sides, more on the top makes you look sexy and stylish. This is what you must instruct your barber the next time. Style your hair in the same manner. 


Body language:


Never slouch. Be confident about your personality and your height. This is the key. Focus on the positives, focus on loving yourself. You can achieve anything, irrespective of your height.


Remember, short height doesn't mean you should go short on confidence too. You too can achieve heights of confidence with the right tricks and tips.

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