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Skin Care Routine On A Budget

By Payal Upase • 23 April 2021
Style & Fashion
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Do you ever find yourself feeling guilty of spending a lot on skincare?


The aftermath of this question would be, you assuring yourself by saying, “The formula is the best in town!” Don’t try to control your smile, we’ve been there and done that! But the question still remains unanswered: does expensive skin care mean best results? Not just you and me, the entire skincare industry has been debating over what works the best - drugstore/affordable skincare or high-end/pricey skincare.



Well, we are here to settle the scores and give you an inside look to help you pick your winner!


1. Do you need expensive skincare?


It is a common misconception among people that high-end products are destined to provide the best results. Well, it’s not completely true. When it comes to high-end skincare, the products are priced for their formula and additionality for their fancy packaging. They even claim to have special ingredients, which in reality is just another simple ingredient used in the purest form. Many of us fall in the trap of their gloated marketing gimmicks. Which brings us to our next point - Look at the ingredients while buying your skincare. 


2. Ingredients for the Win!



Today, everyone has become very aware of what goes within the product. Right from active ingredients to the different textures and formulations, there’s ample amount of knowledge imparted over the internet. Whereas, the entire ball game of skincare products lies within the ingredients. Just like how food provides nourishment to your body, skincare does the same to your skin. Therefore, having the right ingredients within your skincare is very important. 


3. How can you have skincare on a budget?


First of all, let’s just get this straight, you do not need expensive skincare to achieve the same results. You can easily build a routine with budget-friendly products. 


  • Find the right skincare 

All you need to do is first understand your skin type, oily, dry or combination. Then find out what your skin concerns - Is your skin flaky, do you have dark circles or are you dealing with acne-prone skin? Then, take the final step by looking out for skincare products with the required ingredients. 

  • Have A Simple Routine

Start your skincare journey with a small routine. You do not need multiple products nor endless steps to follow. All you need are three products - A cleanser, a moisturizer and a sunscreen.


  • Cleansers : A facial cleanser helps you in cleaning out your dead skin cells. It refreshes your skin and gives you a whole new canvas to work with!

  • Moisturizer : Be it oily, dry or acne-prone skin, moisturizer is a must for every skin type. It helps in nourishing your skin and blesses you with silky soft skin. You can even opt for moisturizer infused with SPF, thereby making your skincare routine even shorter and pocket-friendly.

  • SPF : Sunscreen is a holy-grail skincare product. Whether you are sitting at home or out and about, you need to apply it everyday. SPF helps in protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Which in turn, stops your skin from ageing.

Once you start with this routine, you can slowly build it up with acne treatments, serums and masks. But remember the goal is to keep it simple and easy as it is a part of your daily routine.


4. DIY Skincare To The Rescue:


If you simply don’t want to indulge in store-bought skincare products then go all desi! Head to your kitchen and find nourishing ingredients based on your skin ailments. Then create a DIY skincare recipe for yourself and use it twice a week. This option works like magic and it's all-natural so there’s nothing to be worried about! But again, be aware of what you put on your skin. Do your research thoroughly and whip out the perfect masks or DIY treatments tailored for your skin.



The long-short of skincare is that you need to be aware of the ingredients and the potency of it. There are multiple drug-store brands that provide the same results as a high-end product. So, the next time when you are about to buy pricey skincare, just go through more options. You never know you might get an added benefit at a much reasonable price.


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