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Ethnic Looks for Indian Men

By Kunika Agrawal • 02 July 2021
Style & Fashion
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One of the beauties of our culture is the number of traditions we hold and the number of different occasions we are presented with, and with them comes the advantage of wearing traditional clothing.


Traditional clothes are very underrated and often misjudged because of your lack of knowledge. In order for you to be the boss in this arena, hear us out! Here are some hottest Traditional dressing tips for all you men to look dapper in your Outfits!!


1. No deep cut necks:


Indian festivities or traditional occasions are extremely formal. So, exposing your chest through a deep neck cut kurta would make you look tacky. So avoid very deep cuts and try to keep it more classy than flashy.


2. Avoid shine and mirrors:


You should always try to keep it sober. Don't take the glamourous way because simple is always more classy. Avoid wearing shine and mirrors unless it is a wedding.


Traditional Indian wear for men


3. Don't mix more than 3 colors:


It is an ethnic piece of clothing, not a glass prism. So the less number of colors it has, the better it looks. An outfit could go wrong if you don't match them well, so make sure you match the right colors.


4. Prioritize a tighter fit:


We would highly recommend all you men to go for traditional outfits that are body fit or are tighter as compared to your regular shirts because ethnic wear is meant to highlight your body features.


kurta for men


5. Roll up your sleeves:


This is a power move when it comes to kurtas and ethnic wear (and also to impress them ladies). It enhances your personality!


6. Footwear:


Avoid sports shoes and sneakers. That is a huge turn-off. Pair it up with simple flip-flops and formal shoes to complete your outfit. Also, Indian loafers and chappals can be preferred but our personal recommendation is to buy a good pair of Indian formal shoes. A black and brown pair will help you a lot!


footwear with traditional clothing


7. Bottom wear:


Jeans or chinos are allowed as long as the occasion is not too formal. For something more formal and big, try churidars, they are the Majnu to your Uday when it comes to clothing. Dhotis can be chosen only if you are confident enough to carry it because they are not for everyone.


8. Nehru jackets:


Nehru Jackets


This is the eye-candy of ethnic wear. Also, very much in fashion right now and makes you look elegant and classy. Choose a contrasting color; don’t go for something too shiny and designer. The color of the kurta and jacket should complement each other.


9. Watches:




When it comes to watches, remember two simple rules: no informal watches and no metal watches. Always go for leather watches, preferably black or brown. Choose brown for a lighter tone, and black for a darker tone.


10. Dressing for occasions:


Wear bright colors for functions and religious occasions and festivals. For instance, weddings are supposed to be a huge galore, so choose something a little more stylish, don’t be a bore. 


kurta for occasion for men


Tip: Spend on ethnic wear according to your needs. Spend no more than one thousand for something casual like a college celebration, but do spend for a function or a wedding, etc. Remember that even the simplest and cheap clothes look fashionable if you pair them well!


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