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Look Presentable With These 5 Tips!

By Payal Upase • 08 April 2021
Style & Fashion
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Have you ever come across people who just walk in and leave that lasting impression on everyone?


They steal everyone’s attention without even saying a word. That’s what being presentable looks and feels like! Being presentable helps you become confident. It helps you to bring out the best in you. 


In today’s time the so-called ‘outer appearance’ is considered to be the means of looking presentable. But let us tell you that there’s much more to it. Right from your health to your grooming needs, it consists of multiple factors.


We have found five smart tips that will make you look presentable in the best way possible. At first, it might look like a tough task but once you make it a part of your life, there will be no stopping to looking good everyday!


1. Win the dressing game:


Look presentable by winning the dressing game!


As our beloved Poo once said, “Good looks, good looks and good looks!” Taking cues from the queen, we have learned that your dressing plays a major part in making that first impression. So, the first step to look presentable is to dress perfectly. This doesn’t mean to go out of your way and spend on a lot of clothes. The point here is not to be the fashion guru. Rather, it means dressing as per the occasion. You need to read the room.


If you are going for a meeting, a formal crisp shirt with trousers or chinos would do the work. For ladies, a pencil skirt with a light coloured shirt will surely make you look classy and professional. When it comes to getting dressed, clothes that are un-ironed are the biggest turn-off. So, no matter how late you are for the meeting or for the date, make sure you iron your clothes. People who do not know you, pick on these small cues and define you as a person. So, why make the wrong first impression when you can make the lasting impression with perfect style?


Secondly, you need to always keep your hair game strong. Your bed-head only belongs to your bed and not in the office or at a party. So, always comb your hair before stepping out of your house. We recommend using some good hair-styling products to make the ultimate statement!


2. Walk the talk:


Look Presentable with Good Communication Skills!


Communication skills play a very important role in defining your personality. You might think that no one can see your communication skills, so how can it make one look presentable? Well sadly, it’s not only always about looking good everyday. You need to have good communication skills. Having the perfect pronunciation in place can really help you capture your colleagues or peer’s attention. If you find it hard speaking in public, then you can start learning public speaking skills online.


Today, there are hundreds of videos on youtube and other platforms that help you refine your communication skills. Also, remember to sharpen your listening skills as well. It is equally, if not more, important.


3. Your body talks:


Look Presentable with Good Body Language!


Body language is all about how you sit and walk. Apart from our school days, we all have forgotten how to sit straight. Be it working on the computer or watching Netflix, we slouch at all times. We bet you might be slouching right now as you are reading this article. Slouching is the worst habit, it not only gives a bad impression but at the same time can cause health problems in the long run. Even while walking, it is very important to keep your shoulder straight. You shouldn’t let your weight pull you forward, forming an arch on your back. If your goal is to look presentable at all times, maintaining a good posture becomes a must!


4. Hygiene is the key:


Look Presentable with Good Hygiene!


Maintaining your hygiene shouldn’t be just to look presentable. Rather it should be a part of your lifestyle. Every day you should brush your teeth in the morning and in the night before going to bed. Many people skip out on showers, especially in winters. Never do that! A refreshing shower can take your mood from drab to fab!


Therefore, it’s important to pop into the shower and take that bath even if it’s 5 minutes long. Alongside, you should always keep mints and a small deodorant or perfume in your bag. It comes in handy at all times. You never know when you will bump into the special someone. So, the best way is to put your best face and breath forward!


5. Snooze for a while:


Look Presentable by getting Good Sleep!


You need to get that 8 hours of sleep every day. It helps your body to rest and then power through the next day. If you are sleep-deprived, dark circles, innumerable yawns and tiredness are bound to line up. This will also come in the way of your productivity at work. Hence, it is essential for you to get that good night sleep for your body and your mental health. So, the next day you are refreshed and are able to present yourself at your best level.



Try to include these tips in your daily life and looking presentable evryday will come easy to you!


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