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Learn the Importance of Discipline!

By Parul Priya • 23 April 2021
  • Self-Growth

All of us have been fed this false idea of motivation.


You don’t do a task because you aren’t feeling motivated enough. You are told that you do work with passion when there is motivation to do it. But motivation isn’t in your control, is it? It is dependent on so many factors. Then do you stop working when you aren’t feeling motivated? No. This is why discipline is important. It is important for you to be ahead in your game at all points of time, no matter what the motivation level is. You rely on yourself and complete all the work. Still not convinced? 


Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Discipline over Motivation:


Discipline over Motivation


It gives you control:


Discipline gives you control over the results you want to achieve and the process you wish to follow. Motivation is generally just the idea of doing things, it’s the drive that might come in a second but go in another. Whereas when you talk about discipline, you develop a habit of working. It is more action-based and these actions are based on consistency. Hence, you get the control of the actions you take. You have the control of when and how you want to do something. This is why you don’t need the motivation to kick in. You need to develop the habit of doing things with discipline, making you in control of power.


Discipline stays, Motivation dies


It gives you confidence:


If one thing you can see with experience is that discipline will help you in building up your confidence. Discipline is nothing but the simple act of doing things over and over again which makes you confident. Like they say practise makes a man perfect. And discipline is nothing but practice on a consistent basis. So, there you go. Live a disciplined life and see your confidence shoot up. 


Impulse vs Logic:


This is one of the main reasons why you need to focus more on discipline. Motivation is based purely on impulse and drive. The drive you get is majorly based on outside factors. This simply means that you can not completely rely on motivation. Whereas discipline is based on logic and a well-played out plan. It is consistent and gives sure shot results. It is a habit you inculcate over a period of time. Hence you keep getting better at it with time, making the risk factor almost nil. 


Develops patience:


Now that you are aware that discipline isn’t a one-time thing, but an action performed over and over again, it’s clear that the results aren’t instant. You need to have patience and the results can be seen in a longer period of time. It is almost like Ayurveda, slow and steady but winning the race. However, you will not have to wait for ages for the result.  Take this as an example, try waking up at 6:00 am for a week. In one week itself, you will start to see the extra time you now have in hand and the amount of work you got completed in it. This breaks your cycle of instant results, and quick fixes and helps you develop the patience to wait for the fruits of your effort. 


Helps you tackle failure:


With consistent efforts over a long period of time, you might just forget what failure feels like. Since motivation may come and go, your efforts will also vary. This is why we can’t rely completely on motivation for our wins. However, with discipline, you see your efforts lined properly with the goal. Considering that your goal is set, habits and efforts are consistent. Failure is a long shot. 


Motivation doesn't last long, Discipline does!


Now that you know all the benefits of discipline over motivation, don’t run after the vague idea. Work on your skill and get ahead of everyone. Live a disciplined life.

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