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Depositing Cash in Your Bank Account

By Twisha Soni • 26 July 2021
Personal Finance
  • Personal Finance

There are different ways of depositing money in your bank account, and depositing cash directly is one of them.


Deposit Slip


Today, we will be sharing how to deposit cash in your account by visiting the bank branch. 


In order to deposit cash in the bank physically, you need to fill out a deposit slip. The image above is how a Deposit Slip generally looks like. Once you reach your bank branch you can ask anyone where the deposit slips are and head over to that counter.


  1. Take the slip and find a place where you can fill in the details
  2. Write the date, Branch name and your account number on the top of the slip, you can add PAN Number if you have.
  3. You can mention your Credit Card number if you have one, if you don’t, leave it blank.

Left side of the Slip--


  1. Write your Name, as it is for your account
  2. Write the amount you are going to deposit in words (under Particulars), then in numbers (under Rupees), you can write 00 under Ps if you are depositing cash. If you are depositing a cheque with an amount that has Paisa, you can write that figure under Paisa. 

Example of how you must write the amount in rupees--


  1. Five Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty Seven, ₹5427 /-
  2. Write the total at the bottom, don't forget to add /- after the amount to avoid any fraud.
  3. Cross out any empty lines after you write your amount in the table.

Right side of the Slip--


  1. The columns: Bank & Branch, Cheque Number, Issued by(date) are required to be filled if you are depositing a cheque. Write the Bank and Branch of the Cheque that you are going to deposit, along with the cheque Number and issue date. You can deposit multiple cheques with one slip, which is why there are many lines to fill.
  2. In the cash details column you can see the different denominations written, they are for the currency notes you have. Count the notes you have for each amount and write the number of notes. For example if you have 2, ₹2000 notes; write ‘2’ next to ₹2000, and write the total ₹4000 under “Rupees” column. Do this for all the different notes you have and write the total at the end. Again cross out any empty lines left.
  3. Fill the amount in words. Example - Five Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty Seven, ₹5427 /-
  4. Sign at the end, next to “Signature of Depositor”
  5. Walk up to the cashier’s counter, present this slip and your money. They will hand over a part of the slip back to you as an acknowledgement and you are done!

Depositing cash in bank is not that much of a task as we think it to be. And with us being by your side, forget depositing money, no task is ever going to be tough for you! ;) 

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